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Stocking fillers

It was the night before Christmas and not a mouse was stirring. Don’t you believe it!

Pre-Christmas game releases have had computer mouses and game consoles roaring way into the early hours of the morning. Check out the high-octane line-up:

But can they hold a candle to Super Streetfighter IV?

Beware your milk and cookies Santa. It’s game on out there.


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Would you like 3D cheese with that?

Imagine visiting the wine department at the supermarket and being greeted by a floating 3D holographic block of cheese. Then having the option to flick through all the tasty choices to match your wine on your iPhone. What a great cross-sell that would be. 

Imagine no more. Mobile enabled 3D holographic grocery displays could soon be coming to a store near you.

In the USA, Provision Interactive has just announced that its overhead 3D holographic retail displays are to be fully interactive with the IPhone and iPod Touch. This is thanks to their compatibility with Mobile Mouse, an Apple iPhone app.

This enhanced technology enables shoppers to interact with the captivating holograms, by clicking their mobiles to get more info, view the product from a different angle and even download a coupon.

What will they think of next?

Here comes the giant chocolate cake. I can resist no longer!


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