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One out of the Box’

We all love a good infographic, which is why I found Social media stats and facts 2010, produced, by the social media team at Box Hill Institute of Tafe pretty entertaining.

Despite it’s bland name, the five-minute film features stats and graphs in a slick presentation that explains social media usage around the world and its impact on business and media. What I particularly like about is how it’s not US-centric, concentrating on the world as a whole with an emphasis on Australia.

The most clever thing about the video is, it’s actually a viral ad for Box Hill Tafe, reminiscent of the Nativity in the Digital Age video – it hasn’t quite had the same success in terms of views since it was released last year, but considering it come to my attention this week through various sources could mean it’s in the midst of a meme renaissance.

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How many tablets can newspapers swallow?

New research from Telsyte tells us that the Australian tablet market, which includes the iPad and Galaxy, could be worth $1.35 billion by 2014. Much of this growth will come from traditional publishers seeking to capture more readerships through the creation of tablet apps. But will avid newspaper and magazine readers be seen to swallow the tablets as vigorously as predicted?

Can the power of digital quickly topple the readership habits of a lifetime?  Time will tell. If it does, the very fabric of our world will be changed forever.

Gone will be:

  • The tabloid torture of the page-turner on a crowded tram.
  • The ink fingerprints on a long black.
  • The Saturday workout of picking up a slab of junk advertising lift -outs.

But there are downsides to this new age. We can’t see many spies in hotel lobbies hiding behind tablets.  What about swatting a fly with an iPad?

Also our furry friends would be denied displaying their loyalty by carrying home the morning paper. Yet, there would be more trees left to keep them happy in other ways. Which begs the question. Is the future so easy to read?

We think not.


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