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Australian Interior Authority breaks its secrecy

A big question that has been doing the rounds of late has been who has been behind the Australian Interior Authority website?

This Orwellian concept provided an alarming, albeit vague look at an Australia where the government is in control of citizens’ basic rights.

The site, accompanied by billboards in capital cities, simply showed future government directives on citizens including “All pregnancies must be approved”, enforced curfews, no public assembly and the requirement for national ID cards. The intention seemed to be to  spook people into thinking that the rights we take for granted are tenuous.

Theories abounded as to who was behind the websites, the most popular being the gaming and tobacco industries which are both running “nanny state” themed campaigns against government legislation on gaming regulations and plain packaging of cigarettes. But it has turned out to be a clever viral campaign by the Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra, to highlight how much our democratic way of life should be appreciated.

Sadly, the seemingly far-fetched draconian laws posted on the site are in place in other parts of the world today, which the Museum’s new site shows.

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