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New York Public Library reaches out through social media

We generally associate Foursquare with commercial applications, but it can also be a great tool for non-profit public services such as libraries and museums.

One of the most pro-active non-profit users is the New York Public Library, which uses the location-based social media platform to encourage people to discover various sections and branches.

Users who obtain the badge will get a one-year Foursquare Friends Membership which will provide them with special perks. Additionally, mayors at various locations will be included in a drawing for tickets to LIVE from NYPL events and behind-the-scenes tours of the Map Division. Non-frequent visitors benefit from a host of Tips on its Foursquare site, to fill them in on special events at each NYPL venue.

The NYPL has embraced social media across the board. It’s the top public library in the world on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr Flickr, had produced a series of hit viral videos and even has an iTunes site. Ironically, the 100 year-old library hopes that by embracing social media it will encourage people to continue reading books well into this century.


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