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Cree shines light on B2B social media

Energy efficient industrial lighting isn’t the sexiest of products, but that hasn’t stopped one American company using social media to promote it in a fun and engaging way.

Cree produces LED lighting and uses its website to effectively show their practical, safety and environmental benefits – LED lights produce 85 per cent heat than incandescent lights. Linked to its standard corporate website, Cree’s “LED Revolution” portal defies the B2B convention of supplying information in large slabs of informative, but boring text with the odd diagram and statistical chart.

Cree balances fun with fact, knowing that the people who buy the lights aren’t don’t necessarily have the same knowledge and interest as the engineers who designed them. As well as having product information the Cree website has socially interactive features including its “Cries for Help” page where companies send in pictures of their terrible workplace lighting with a brief description. Site users are invited to vote for the worst example each month for that company to win six recessed LED downlights.

The “Learn About” section is very well written and turns what would normally be a dreary subject into an entertaining and informative read about the virtues of LED lighting (yes, it’s more interesting than it sounds). Making it all the more fun are the demonstrations on YouTube including the comparison between chocolate bunnies under incandescent and LED lights.

Cree also allows users to become part of their “LED Lighting Revolution” and provides all members of its growing social environmental movement a badge to display on their site that says, “Take the pledge. I joined the LED lighting revolution.” Cree has identified that this is a great way to build community extend its viral exposure.

Not surprisingly Cree also has an engaging Facebook and Twitter presences, which are clearly marked on the website.

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