Irish jig goes viral

Social Media Marketing 101 dictates that said that you can’t simply make an ad go viral. However, a good idea and a well-executed plan will certainly help.

This video of a flashmob striking Sydney’s Central station is currently doing the rounds and has attracted plenty of interest helped of course by St Patrick’s Day. Rather than a bunch of uni students dancing to Rick Astley, it was a well planned Irish Dance spectacular starting with one boy who was gradually joined by more and more dancers dressed in business and school attire much to the amazement of commuters. The performance entertained the crowd at the station and the video has attracted more than 130,000 views in two days.

It’s very well filmed and edited which gives it away as a viral ad, which is confirmed at the end when the Tourism Ireland logo appears. My only criticism, from a marketing point of view, is it goes a bit too long. I reckon quite a few viewers would have moved on before the Tourism Ireland brand appears at the end.


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