Vimeo’s class act

The YouTube revolution and increasingly affordable video cameras has resulted in a surge in amateur filmmakers much in the same way blogs inspired a generation of citizen journalists.

While for many it’s a chance to put their home movies online to embarrass their mates, for others it’s a chance to express themselves on film with few if any financial restrictions be it for artistic, journalistic or commercial reasons.

But as a poorly written or boring blog is unlikely to attract many readers, a do it yourself video should at least follow some basic production values if it has any hope of attracting viewers or going viral – unless of course you have snared some vision of cat playing drums or the like.

If you’ve never done Media Studies, Video sharing website Vimeo has an online video school that gives budding filmmakers excellent free instruction on filming and editing; from choosing a camera and basic editing to setting up your gear and using light.

There’s also a section on getting the best use of digital SLR cameras for still and video photography.

The tutorials, of which there are dozens per category, are sent in by Vimeo members “who like to share their knowledge and passion with everyone else”.

Even of you just enjoy filming family memories, this excellent online resource will provide many new ways to give your films a bit of an edge.


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