The Nativity in the digital age

If Jesus were born today the Archangel Gabriel would appear to the Virgin Mary via SMS, Joseph would find out via Gmail who would then use Foursquare to find accommodation in Nazareth. After the safe birth of Baby Jesus, the three wise men would score an invite to visit him via Facebook and but their gifts on Amazon.

That’s how the nativity is played out in this very clever video, was produced by Portuguese digital design agency Excentric as an online ad to show its wares. It has had more than 4 million hits across its English and Portuguese versions since December 13, however its creators say it was never intended to go viral.

Miguel Figueirdo, president of Excentric told CNN he challenged his creative team to show traditional companies how they could harness social media to suit their own story. It took them about five weeks to go from the drawing board to uploading the video.

The other clever marketing aspect of the video was its mid-December release. Figueiredo says the date was chosen because it’s when people start thinking about Christmas and greeting cards.

“We took that time when people are very sensitive to receive these type of things, so they think, ‘Oh what a great idea for me to send as my own Christmas cards’.”

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